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Hello everyone,

my name is Thilo and I am the new "owner" of the Weinladen (wine shop).  First it was Henner, then it was Bernhard and now it's me.

My wife Ute actually wanted to take the reins and we had big plans together. We have only made a few "small" changes - because the wine shop should remain as we have known and loved it for over 40 years... ;-)

Unfortunately that was fate  but an uninvited guest in our lives. After a short serious illness Ute is no longer with us. We all miss her. Again and again I hear from guests what they have appreciated and loved about you over the past 10 years. I am well aware of the legacy of your courteous cordial manner. And with that in mind I want to continue trying to be a good host.

Many know that I am also an actor and that I am trying to establish another mainstay with the wine shop. Certainly  I will keep telling you about the latest projects here and in the wine shop when there is something new in the theatre.

I was and still am excited and I'm happy when you all come and buy a lot of wine ;-) The “second  Living room"  invites you to "babble", "schnacken and klönen" Laugh, cry, fall in love... Live!



Write what you like.

Thank you for your message!

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