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Gray burgundy 2020

From our house - and yard vintner Helmut Schwarzwälder from the Pfalz.

Our classic! Fine aroma of yellow fruits and almonds, strong, spicy and with a delicate glaze.

Come out to us in boxes. ;-)

Grape variety: Pinot Gris

Alcohol content: 12.0%

Weiß Deutschland

Sauvignon Blanc 2019

From our house - and yard vintner Helmut Helmut Schwarzwälder from the Pfalz.

Taste of gooseberries and fresh grass, citrusy, pleasant acidity, stimulating freshness.

Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Alcohol content: 12.0%

Riesling Rudolph

Rieslings 2019  1L

From our house - and yard vintner Helmut Schwarzwälder from the Pfalz.

taste of peach and Citrus notes, fruity and piquant, lively mineral acidity.

Good, clear Palatinate, for all Riesling lovers at an unbeatable price.

Grape variety: Riesling

Alcohol content: 12.5%

Kolb Riesling 2019  1L

The Kolb Riesling can offer fine ripe citrus aromas as well as the matching mineral notes. Powerful, elegant and impressive in taste. An intense Riesling followed by a nice length. Little residual acid!!!! The winemaker describes his wines like this: Each grape variety has its own typical aroma. Our goal is to work this out clearly and in harmony with nature. Most of our white and red wines are vinified as single varieties. Lemon, grapefruit but also melon are the aromas that you will discover in a Kolb Riesling or Chardonnay, for example. We can provide almost the perfect soil for every wine: like the limestone soil for our Riesling, for example!

Grape variety: Riesling                                                           Alcohol content: 13.0%

Weissburgunder Corbet.jpg

White burgundy 2019

From our house - and yard vintner Helmut Helmut Schwarzwälder from the Pfalz.

Scent of ripe, yellow stone fruit. Full and strong in taste.

Grape variety: Pinot Blanc

Alcohol content: 12.0%

Pinot Noir Blanc de Noir 2020

From our house - and yard vintner Helmut Helmut Schwarzwälder from the Pfalz.

Creamy, elegant white wine made from white-pressed Pinot Noir with spicy, juicy fruit and animating freshness. The Pinot Noir vine is beautifully highlighted here.

Getting more and more popular. Another hit ;-)

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

Alcohol content: 12.0%

Blanc de Noir 2021

Rudolph Muskateller 2019 "Delicate Dry"

Many who are looking for a wine that is not too dry will love this Muskateller from the Palatinate. Yesterday on the stick and today in the glass, deliciously tasty Muskateller!

Fruity, spicy from the Rudolph winery in the Palatinate - Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

Grape variety: Muscatel

Alcohol content: 11.0%        

Scheurebe from Rudolph 1l

A beautiful white wine with a sparkling aroma of grapefruit and black currant.

Typical variety bouquet of stimulating acidity and delicately fruity sweetness.

Animating freshness and length.


Grape variety: Scheurebe

Alcohol content: 11.0%         


Chasselas 1l

Vollmundiger und cremiger Weißwein mit Aromen von reifen Früchten, Birne und einer leichten Brioche Note der das lange Hefenlager zu Gute kommt.
Ein wirklicher Allrounder zu Gemüse und gedämpftem Fisch, kräftigen Speisen oder einfach auf der Couch.


Rebsorte: Gutedel

Alkoholgehalt: 12,0%             

Weiß Frankreich

Château des Eyssards – Sauvignon Blanc-Sémillon Bergerac 2018


A fresh yet complex white wine with lots of expression. On the nose, “explosive” aromas typical of the Sauvignon grape (citrus fruits). The wine shows a very nice nose with aromas of cassis, gooseberries, grapefruit, apple, melon, hay, mint and elderberry. Intense fruit aromas of apricots and peach in the mouth, which can be felt with great length in the aftertaste. The wine comes from the region around Monestier, in the western part of the Bergerac region, on the left bank of the Dordogne. The vineyard is located on loamy-calcareous slopes. The climate is a mixture of Bordelais influences and continental weather conditions. Goes well with asparagus, sushi, light dishes. Or simply enjoy it as a delicious, fresh wine on any occasion...


Grape variety: 80% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Semillon                                Alcohol content: 13.5%

Cotes de Gascogne Colombelle

The regions of France have begun to stir. It's not all focused on Bordeaux and Burgundy. Beautiful and enjoyable wines are also made in other areas. An excellent example is the COLOMBELLE, the winemaker from Plaimont in south-west France, located roughly between Toulouse and Pau. Andre Daguin, "the master of Gascony" is not only a star chef in his Hotel de France and President of the Gascony Chamber of Commerce, he is also responsible for this fine white wine. This wine is made from the local, traditional grape varieties: Colombard, Ugni blanc and Listan Its price/quality ratio is outstanding. Intense fragrance of blossoms and exotic fruits such as mango, taste of ripe fruit, pineapple and white peach - lots of aroma for little money! As an aperitif or as an accompaniment to seafood, grilled fish, pasta dishes and Asian dishes It also goes well with some desserts, or just like that.

Grape varieties: Colombart, Ugni blanc, Listan    

Alcohol content: 10.5%         

Pic Poul_hoch

2019 Domaine Prades Picpoul

The wine comes from Pinet, between Agde and Mèze (Mediterranean coast), right on the “Bassin de Thau” where the famous oysters and mussels of the “Etang de Thau” come from. The wine grows on a limestone plateau with loamy soil. A very old white grape variety that was mentioned in Languedoc as early as the 17th century.
Pale yellow with green reflections. With its mineral, light scent of citrus fruits, the grape variety conveys animating freshness in summer, suitable for Mediterranean fish cuisine.
Not only every fish is happy....


Grape variety: Picpoul

Alcohol content: 12.5%


Old Temp_ Chardonnay

We complete our Anciens Temp range.

The French and Burgundy Chardonnay delights shortly after opening and pouring with a bouquet that smells of juicy honeydew melon, pears, peaches, pineapple, mango, orange zest, white chocolate and acacia blossoms. On the palate, too, this Grand Réserve Chardonnay from Anciens Temps is beautifully fruity, juicy and has a fine saltiness. The fact that the grapes come from one of the best growing areas for red varieties in the Languedoc is a real surprise given the fabulous price-benefit ratio.

This great Anciens Temps Grand Réserve Chardonnay is a pure French Chardonnay. After fermentation, about 1/3 of it matured in oak barrels and the rest in stainless steel tanks on the fine lees. The restrained use of wood gives the elegant wine its enigmatic vanilla accents.

A great and uncomplicated accompaniment to pumpkin wedges and potatoes from the tin, lemon chicken with rice, red lentil salad with bacon and feta cheese.

Grape variety: Chardonnay
Alcohol content: 13.5% Vol.

Auxerrois Cleebourg.jpg

2019 Auxerrois - Tradition AOC

A yellow color with green reflections, clear and brilliant. Delicate fruity nose with hints of citrus fruits and flowers. On the palate, the flavors are intense and fine in a predominantly fruity register, supported by an elegant acidity that gives it a feeling of freshness and persistence on the finish.

Goes well with most dishes. It can accompany bites à la Reine, pies, quiches, pot au feu as well as white meat.

Grape variety: Auxerrois

Alcohol content: 12.5%


Weiß Italien

2019, Vernaccia di Gimignano DOCG, Fratelli Vagnoni

Fine, subtle bouquet with aromas of apple and citrus. Nutty nuances and minerality are added in the mouth. The finish is accompanied by the typical almond tone. Fine-spicy wine with a medium-heavy structure. Goes well with mussels, crustaceans and braised salmon, and of course with all typical Italian starters. The vineyards are located near the town of San Gimignano in the province of Siena, Tuscany, 5 km from the town famous for its many medieval towers. The Fratelli Agnoni winery in Pancole is a family business and one of the top producers of this DOCG.

Grape variety: Vernaccia

Alcohol content: 13.5%

Pinot Grigio *San Simone* Friuli DOC Grave

Not just any Pinot Grigio, but SAN SIMONE Pinot Grigio DOC Friuli. This wine has a bright, radiant lemon yellow. Intense notes of lemon zest on the nose, lightly of white flowers. On the palate of pears, clear, mineral-juicy, exciting with a fruity twist in the aftertaste. Straw yellow with slightly coppery reflections, that's how this wine stands in the glass. Simply a wonderful Pinot Grigio!

The inviting taste goes well with all light appetizers, pasta dishes with vegetables or fish, or even with carpaccio and rocket salad with parmesan.

Grape variety: Pinot Grigio

Alcohol content: 12.5%

Pinot Grigio_hoch

Gavi di Gavi, San Pietro 2019, BIO

The Tenuta San Pietro winery in Tassarolo is one of the historical producers of the DOGC Gavi. In the 12th century there was a Franciscan monastery and a church dedicated to San Pietro on the hills, which gave this area its name. Caressed by sea breezes and protected by the surrounding hills, the vineyards located on clay soils benefit from a particular microclimate that allows the production of high quality wines. Of the 60 hectares of vineyards, around 30 hectares are planted with the Cortese grape variety. The vineyards are cultivated according to organic-biodynamic methods , the use of any chemical systems is excluded.

Grape variety: Cortese

Alcohol content: 12.0%

Lugana, Tenuta Roveglia, Limne, 2019

Tenuta Roveglia, on the other hand, is a traditional company, one of the oldest in the area and one of the few located in the middle of the original "Premier Cru" zone, from which the genuine Lugana are guaranteed to come. Paolo Fabiani, through constant work, has brought the estate to the top and with its 50 hectares of vineyards, Tenuta Roveglia is one of the stars of the area. The most important wines are of course the best-selling Lugana "Limne", but also the wonderful rosé wine Chiaretto, perhaps the best on Lake Garda. The late harvest character gives the high-quality Lugana "Catullo" a very special charm and the Cabernet Sauvignon is also of an amazing caliber, which makes you think of a Ripasso. 

"White and yellow fruits such as peach, pear, apricots and green apple. Pleasantly fresh on the palate and with a mineral base structure. The wine is elegant, appears light and still manages with very little acidity. Beautiful, as it then does with its delicate fruit aromas of pear, apricot and delicate grapefruit and remains pleasant on the palate. A great accompaniment to light summer cuisine. How about Sicilian date tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella?"

Grape variety: Cortese

Alcohol content: 13.0%


Fondatori GP - Albana DOCG

Golden präsentiert sich dieser weiße Albana durch eine späte Lese.
Sein Duft ist fruchtig-herzhaft: Ein Wein von eleganter und üppiger Geruchsintensität mit sanften, reifen und würzigen Noten.
Eine fesselnde Komplexität. Aprikosen und getrocknetes Obst. Körperreich sticht er durch seinen kräftigen und mineralischen Abdruck hervor. Im Glas eine verführerische Dichte.
Im Weinberg sorgsam ausgewählt und teilweise von Hand geerntete Trauben werden in kleinen Kisten verladen und anschließend schonend in die Presse gelegt. Die Fermentation findet bei kontrollierter Temperatur statt. Die Reifezeit variiert zwischen 180 und 240 Tagen. Seine finale Geschmackstiefe erhält er abschließend innerhalb von vier bis fünf Monaten in der Flasche.


Rebsorte: Albana

Alkoholgehalt: 11,0 %

Rosè Frankreich

Anciens Temps – Syrah Cinsault Rosé 2019

And another car wine: this time in “rosé”. Beautiful salmon color with raspberry reflections. On the nose, this rosé surprises with clear, fruity-fresh aromas of strawberries combined with strong notes of red currants and raspberries, a hint of herbs and floral accents round off the taste. Despite its freshness, the wine has little acidity and is therefore round and harmonious. Definitely worth discovering! Goes well as an aperitif and with light fare, with salads, but also with fish, seafood, ratatouille and spicy young cheeses. Ideal as a summer and patio wine.

Grape varieties: Syrah and Cinsault        

Alcohol content 12.5%

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